New year, new technique.

A break from Christmas knits for my new socks!

I’m at the Knit Nook, on Mondays, and Suzanne was teaching a two-at-a-time magic loop socks class on Monday nights. Every week as I left to pick up my boys, I wished I were staying for the class. I am a sufferer of SSS (Second Sock Syndrome) – I even owe my mom a partner to the Broadripple sock I knit her four years ago! A few weeks later, I decided to try it on my own. Since I was doing something new, I thought I might as well throw in another new technique – knitting my socks from the toe up. Sharri helped by supervising my cast on and away I went!

I worked on the socks on New Year’s Eve at French Lick Hotel . . .

. . . and New Year’s Day at West Baden.

They’re slow going, but I’m almost finished with the foot. I’m using Wendy Johnson’s pattern Toe-Up Socks with a Difference (because I am easily persuaded and Sharri was using that pattern). The yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Argyle, and I’m using 40″ Addi Turbos in size 2.5 mm. I have to admit that I was worried about how the yarn would pool, but I’m thrilled with how they’re turning out.

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2010 Christmas Presents Revealed: Logan’s Hat

Logan got a Shizknit original for Christmas. I had a hard time deciding what to make him, but then it hit me – a golf-themed hat in his school colors.

If I were a perfect blogger, I would have fiddled with the colors with photo editing software to get them exactly right. However, I am not a perfect blogger. I used Knit Picks Swish DK in Cobblestone Heather for the main color and Mission Falls 136 in maroon for the contrasting color. These two yarns compliment each other nicely; they’re the same weight and fiber content.

My brother is 12. Twelve. Doesn’t he look older?

He’s on the high school golf team. Hence the letters MCHS.

And the word GOLF.

If people are interested, I will happily make this chart available with all 26 letters and the golf club fair isle.

I am going to make a similar hat for my cousin that is more about school spirit and less about golf, so we’ll see how that one turns out.

Though the hat has a 22″ circumference, it can also work for cute babies in a pinch.

(Okay, you got me. I just wanted an excuse to show off my adorable 11-month-old.)

That’s half of the Christmas presents I knit – two more to share!

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2010 Christmas Presents Revealed: Stephanie’s Scarf

After a blogging hiatus, I finally have knits to show you! The holidays are always quiet because I spend a lot of time knitting for family members and I don’t want them to see their presents in advance. Now that they’ve got their knits, I’m free to share.

This is my sister Stephanie in the scarf I knit her. The pattern is the Icon Scarf from this year’s Holiday issue of Interweave Knits. I used Twinkle Soft Chunky in Haze and thought it was a good excuse to buy some size 17 Lantern Moon needles (which I think are still 50% off at the Knit Nook!)

Steph’s scarf is the only Christmas present I got decent photos of before giving it away.

I really love the cable. I actually sketched out – years ago! – a scarf that was one big cable. To be honest, I like this version better than the one I envisioned.

I’m kind of disappointed that she liked the scarf so much – I was half hoping I’d get to keep it!

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The story of Emmaline

Molly (the blogless) and I decided to race to see who could finish Emmaline first. She made her first version (seen in this post) in five days, and I thought I could beat that time so I challenged her. I had Classic Elite Sprout (colorway Salvia Red) in my stash and didn’t think I had enough yarn to do the project I originally wanted to use it for, so it was just right for Emmaline. (And actually I have one entire hank leftover!) I knew that if I raced Molly I would stay on task and finish Emmaline quickly, and I did.

Here’s the play-by-play (sorry for the poor quality webcam pictures).

November 13: Cast on around midnight, but didn’t knit at all because I was too tired. Made an effort to intimidate Molly with my “bring it!” face.

November 14: Despite the uncomfortableness of having over 200 stitches on 16 inch circulars, I got to the sleeve startin’ point.

November 15: Knit the bodice up to the purl row.
November 16-18: Ripped. I didn’t like where the purl row hit so I redid a few inches of the bodice. Then I had two days where I knit about four rows. (I do have two demanding small children – I should state that pretty much the entire sweater was knit either while I was at work or while the boys were sleeping.)

November 19: Knit Emmaline as the pattern was written, and decided it wasn’t long enough . . .

. . . though the fit is great!

November 21: Finished Emmaline! I beat Molly, but in fairness she did lose a ball of yarn.

I wore it to the Knit Nook the next day and to my parents’ house on Sunday for our Thanksgiving celebration there. I love how it looks!

I give this sweater an A for speed and wear-ability!

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More sewing.

Leo seems to be getting all of the handmade things lately!

The kid was in dire need of winter sleepwear, so I made him these flannel pajama pants just in time for pajama day at school. I used the oliver + s sailboat pants pattern for the basic shape. I guess you could say these p.j. pants are almost like my muslin, though I’ve already sewn most of the oliver + s pants. I love making pajama pants and already have fabric for three more pairs – one Leo sized and two adult sized.
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Perfect for Halloweek.

Yesterday it was finally cool enough for Leo to wear the Little Fang sweater from Vampire Knits.

Appropriately, after school his teacher told me that they acted out a story in class and Leo was the vampire.

Apparently if you put on this sweater you turn into a vampire. Look at what it did to the little guy who modeled it for the book.

This sweater is size 3T, and if I were to make it for Leo today I’d knit a size 4. The sleeves are a bit too short, but he’s wearing mostly size 4 (and sometimes up to size 6, depending on the make) in ready made clothing, so that makes sense. The sizing for this and my other children’s sweaters is based on sweaters from Gap. Also, I’m glad I used the superwash Knit Picks Swish DK. I think a few special hand knit items in hand wash only yarn would be okay, but for a running around on the playground (and apparently, wiping your nose on your sleeve) sweater superwash is the way to go!

Leo told me that he wants me to knit him more sweaters. I’m happy to oblige.

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Crafting of a different kind.

It’s sewn, not knit, and it’s not for one of my children – I actually get to make something for a girl!

Kristin is having a baby in December, and tonight her mom and the Knit Nookers threw her a surprise baby shower. I knew she’d have tons of knits, so I decided to sew her something.

The baby kimono is from Weekend Sewing and the fabric is from Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern 2 line. As long as the new little Matly doesn’t look too closely at the stitching, I think she’ll enjoy her kimono.

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