Yarn Harlot and Glampyre!!

Kristin has posted all about our trip to Lex-vegas to see the Harlot in the Knit Nook Blog; your mission is to go read it now!! There are pictures of us being all giddy with all of the knitting celebrities.

By the way – important update! I was given the data entry position with the State Fair! The only con is that it doesn’t start until June 18, so that means I have all of this free time that I’d really like to be earning money until then. At least I don’t have to resort to looking for a mall job!!

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2 Responses to Yarn Harlot and Glampyre!!

  1. hey that’s great news!=DI couldn’t get to the blog you gave the link for btw it said the link wasn’t valid=)

  2. You can get to our blog by going to http://knitnookshop.blogspot.com or by linking from our website http://www.knitnook.com.And Tonya, I’ve been thinking that you aren’t working at the fair until June because you need to work at the nook and help us with inventory. It’s a sign! We’re going to make every skein of yarn scannable, by God.

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