FO: Monday Night Hat

The hunt for the Mission Falls paid off — I finished my hat in no time.

I made up the pattern as I knit it, and I’m pretty pleased. The only modification I would make for future knitting of this hat would be to use a smaller needle for the ribbing, but since I only had one needle with me it turned out well. It’s just the right fit — not too tight on my head, not too loose.

Here’s a lovely picture:

(Yes, I am turned to the window to disguise the fact that I just woke up from a nap).

As you can see, the ends haven’t been woven in, and the hat seriously needs to be blocked. I think I’ve found a new love — knitting continental style. It took some getting used to, though, and the tension is kind of wonky near the beginning. Decreases also took some getting used to. I did cheat and do the ribbing English style. I’m playing with the idea of adding a pom pom, but I’m afraid that might make it too “golfer” looking. Then again, it could just be really cute.

I will definitely knit this hat again — it went by really quickly and I love the finished product!

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3 Responses to FO: Monday Night Hat

  1. Susan says:

    It’s looking good so far – even preblocked and prewoven. : 0 )SD & her blog

  2. Holly says:

    I vote for pompom. You can always just try it, and if you hate it you can cut it of and do something else.

  3. it looks cute I like the colour you used aswell=) I’ve never tried continental style knitting, but I heard it’s supposed to bea lot easier.. I’d kinda feel I’d be cheating though as “english” style is how my families always done it=)

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