Strut your stuff at the Kentucky State Fair

Since I have no work to do for the moment, and this is kind of like work, I thought I’d give you guys the scoop on showing knit and other items at the Kentucky State Fair. Since textiles is where it’s at, you can find the information about textiles here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to enter?
For textiles, and most departments, the cost to enter is $8.00 per department. If you are under 18 or over 55 the cost is $4.00. Of course, this is assuming you meet the July 2 deadline for entries — the late entry fee is $15.00, and late entries are due July 10 (my dad’s birthday). When you enter, you have the option to buy up to two books of tickets for $22.00 each. Each book contains 11 tickets. This is a really good deal — tickets are generally $7.00 each.

How are items displayed?
The official answer is “Entries in the department will be displayed at the discretion of management.” In other words, it’s hard to say.

What can I win?
The “big prize” is a $100.00 gift certificate from Baer Fabrics to the winner of the Textiles Sweepstakes — that’s the person who has accumulated the most points in the textiles category. The runner up gets a $25.00 Baer gift certificate. In the knitting and crochet division, first place in each class wins $10.00, second place wins $7.00, and third place wins $4.00. Ribbons and rosettes are among the prizes given out.

What are the classes?
32 Knitted afghan – no larger than 60” x 7226
33 Hand knitted sweater for adult,- variety of stitch or pattern (other than Aran, jacquard or Fair Isle), any material or color
34 Hand knitted sweater for adult using jacquard, Aran or Fair Isle pattern
35 Hand knitted sweater for child, any material, size 4-12
36 Hand knitted baby sweater, size 0-3
37 Hand knitted vest or sleeveless sweater
38 Any article in knitting using handspun yarn
39 Any article in knitting using natural colored (not white or dyed) handspun wool yarn – a sample of yarn and fiber(lock or roving) must be submitted
40 Hand knitted scarf and mitten set, or scarf and hat set – any material
41 Hand knitted baby booties or shoes
42 Hand knitted baby afghan, no larger than 45” x 60”
43 Hand knitted/Felted article
44 Hand knitted stole, shrug, wrap, shawl or poncho, any material
45 Hand knitted socks (2)
46 Any article in knitting not mentioned (no knitted bedspreads, no doll clothes, afghans or framed items.)

50 Crocheted table runner, any material, no liners, up to 72″ in length
51 Crocheted afghan, any material, no larger than 60″ x 72″
52 Crocheted afghan, granny pattern, no larger than 60″ x 72″
53 Crocheted sweater for adult, any material
54 Crocheted sweater for infant or child, any material
55 Crocheted stole, shrug, wrap, shawl or poncho,any material
56 Crocheted article using handspun yarn
57 Crocheted baby booties or shoes
58 Crocheted baby afghan, any material, no larger than 45″ x 60″
59 Crocheted baby dress
60 Any article in crochet not mentioned (no doll clothes, afghans, mounted or framed items)
61 Crocheted Doily

How do I enter?
There are different ways. Since you all are reading this blog, I’m assuming you’re online savvy. Entry forms and the complete premium list and general rules can be downloaded here. You can request a catalogue by mail by clicking here or calling the Entry Department at 502.367.5190. To enter online, go to this website.

What if I still have questions?
If you have questions, or get bored and want to talk knitting, my number at work is 502.367.5294.

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