THANK YOU! (And other updates)

Since I’m at work, there are no pictures to be had in this post. But, there are important things to say.

#1 Thanks to the knitters at the Knit Nook who hosted a very fly baby shower last Sunday.  Good company, good food, and presents! My absolute favorite thing was a patchwork blanket, with the love and mojo of lots of Knit Nook regulars.

#2 Ravelry is addictive. I wish I had more time to spend on there, and to update my page.

#3 Ruth has gotten me thinking about Trellis from Knitty. I really wanna make it now. But nothing new until I finish the eyelet cardigan, or decide to frog it (grrr for errata!) Whitney’s looks pretty short, and she added a few extra inches. I just want to FINISH something besides a baby hat, and I’m getting close with the cardigan. Still, if I’m rethinking it now, it might be better to frog the cardigan and re-knit it with those few extra inches when I have time and am not distracted by enticing new projects. What are those enticing new projects? I love love LOVE some of the stuff in the new Interweave — I mean, there’s a whole section on cables. Check out the Dickinson Pullover and the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. MUST KNIT!

#4 I bit the bullet and e-mailed Knitty, even though I should have technically waited a week. There’s just too much anticipation, with waiting to hear from Knitty and waiting for this baby to be born. At least when I hear from them, I can stop checking my email all the time.

Four seems to be the magic number for updates per post, so I’ll stop here. Hopefully there will be more news soon. I go to the doc tomorrow, so maybe there’ll be a baby update. I’m just so darn anxious!

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2 Responses to THANK YOU! (And other updates)

  1. I’m glad you liked the baby shower. I posted pics on the Knit Nook blog. Also, it’s uncanny that we always want to knit the same thing! That Tangled Yoke Cardi was totally going to be my next project!

  2. Holly says:

    If you’re knitting a Trellis, then I want to knit one too! I can resist just Ruth, but not both of you!!

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