FO: Little Boy Blue Baby Hat

Okay, so it’s just a ribbed hat, made of recycled Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran. I have enough left to make something to go with it, but I’m not sure what just yet.

Anyway, here’s Leo modeling his hat (as you can see, he’s very enthused.)

I guess theoretically it’s my pattern, even though I just did a ribbed hat, so I might post it. After all, there were times in my beginning days of knitting when I couldn’t have done a ribbed hat without a pattern.

By the way, Knit Nookers, Kristin mentioned that she’d like Leo’s measurements so that when people are knitting baby gifts they know more about size. What about if I bring clothes in as he outgrows them? Then you can see what a newborn shirt looks like and a five month old pair of socks and the like.

By the way, the tags on baby clothes lie. Leo STILL isn’t in newborn size clothes yet, and he’s over three weeks old!

See everyone soon!!

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3 Responses to FO: Little Boy Blue Baby Hat

  1. Holly says:

    You would be surprised at the scarcity of good ribbed baby hat patterns. Obviously, the ribbing part isn’t hard to figure out, but the decreases can get wonky. I vote you should post it!

  2. So sweet!! Looks adorable, so post that pattern!

  3. Kristin says:

    Great idea about the clothes! I’m sure we can scrounge up some stuffed animals to model them!He looks adorable by the way! Can’t wait to see him in person!(Am I able to say any statements that don’t end with exclamation points? No!)

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