Picture time!

No, it’s not the great post o’pictures. I took advantage of this icy day and cleaned out Leo’s closet (which was amazingly cluttered despite the fact that he’s only six months old) and caught up on laundry since Craig didn’t have to work until 7 P.M. Still, the blog needed a little Leo.

Grandparents spoiled Leo on his first Valentines Day with a book and teething toy! (The book is a suspense-thriller).

I also wanted to touch base and let those waiting on packages know that between being totally busy yesterday and today’s crap weather, I haven’t gotten to the post office yet. Don’t worry – they’re coming!

Now, back to laundry.

(By the way, the pro of cleaning out Leo’s closet – my sewing machine is now free from the pile of clothes and knitting paraphernalia that was on top of it. I can’t wait to try my hand at a rice pillow, like Erin made, and -eek- very simple curtains for our back room.)

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2 Responses to Picture time!

  1. he is so cute, tonya!got your message – sorry i haven’t called back. will try you sometime over the weekend.and the rice pillow is magic. go make one.

  2. haha – the suspense thriller! Kristin ruined the ending for me.

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