(basic) monday night hat pattern coming soon!

I just remembered that a long time ago, I wrote up a pattern for this hat (the purple one):

Since I have the pattern, might as well share it, right? I am having one person to test knit it to make sure there are no glaring mistakes, but as soon as I hear back from her/format the pattern, it will be available. I’m setting a tentative release date for March 15.

This is a perfect pattern for beginners, or beginners to a new technique. (I created the hat to practice knitting Continental style).

The baby shrug (see this post for pictures) will be out REALLY close to Saturday. I’m still shooting for March 1 – I just need one last test knitter to get back to me. She had the biggest size, so it’s only fair that it’s taken a little longer. (The pattern is sized for three months to 24 months – and there’s a big difference in a three month old and a 24 month old!) ETA: Wow – it just hit me that March 1 is tomorrow. The pattern will likely be available early next week.

If you’re on Ravelry, you can type “Confection” in the pattern search and see what my test knitters have made. There’s also a group on Ravelry – Shizknitters – for people that would like to be test knitters or have questions about the patterns I’ve written.

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