Easter 08.


and Family:

Here’s a better picture of Leo in his new vest (a Shizknit original!):

Now, off to finish getting stuff together. Craig comes home today! I’m so happy about seeing him that I can’t sleep – which is good, ’cause I’ve got lots of stuff to do!

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4 Responses to Easter 08.

  1. Joe says:

    That’s is really cute vest 🙂

  2. aww bless he’s grown so much! The vest is really lovely =)

  3. lifeasamama says:

    leo is adorable! my package for him is almost complete, but i’ve been sick as a dog this week and haven’t been able to get the last couple of things for it. i promise you’ll still have it by tuesday – i just wanted to let you know how things stood!

  4. Lauryn says:

    The vest is ADORABLE!! Where can I get the pattern??

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