Brooklyn Handspun!

As much as I love my USM, it doesn’t even come close to the pleasure I derive from hand knitting. It’s just so personal. I think of what the Harlot said when she spoke at the Bluegrass Festival of Books – that each sheep has to be sheared individually by hand. Think about how much sheep-wranglin’ went into just one skein of wool. (By the way, read all about my trip to Lexington with Kristin here, including pictures of us being giddy in the presence of the Yarn Harlot and Stefanie Japel.)

Each hand knit item becomes even more unique when you use hand painted yarns. Which is one reason I’m really looking forward to my latest knitting endeavor.

Brooklyn Handspun is a yarn company that specializes in hand spun and hand dyed yarn. I am desigining a baby cardigan for Brooklyn Handspun using the Instant Gratification Sock Yarn. Marie, Ms. Brooklyn Handspun herself, is dyeing some yarn this weekend that will arrive in the mailbox next week. I am itching to get started!!

Don’t forget to check out the Brooklyn Handspun blog here.

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