A rare two-post day!

From Erin’s blog, I happened upon Color Week and decided to join in. I’m taking the rest of this week to finish my proposals and tie up all my loose ends before I begin my “business hours” next week. (Yep – rather than search for a job, I’m taking the Shizknit seriously and am going to set aside time five days a week to work solely on building my biz!) This is perfect timing for Color Week – it gives me something lovely to post while I’m working on some things I can’t quite reveal yet.

I wasn’t going to start until tomorrow, but I couldn’t help but notice a bit of green.

Green tote-bag-in-progress. (Knit on my USM.)

Green bedroom. (Okay, I didn’t take this photo today, but it fits).

Green bowl.

Green books, illustrating my hubby’s heritage.

Green foil.

I’m loving Color Week. I’ve already spotted several other green things, but I need to get to work!

Thanks, Leya, for helping me take note of the wonderful color around me!

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