Tidbits . . .

First of all, a great big DAGNABIT! When trying to upload the pictures for the tutorial (already two days late), I got this:

Some recent changes may be lost. Make sure your hard disk has enough space and that iPhoto is able to access the iPhoto Library folder.

Apparently the fact that Craig records every single gig and saves them to the computer has finally caught up with us. (I’m guessing that the thousands of pictures I’ve taken of Leo and yarn don’t help, either). So, we’re practically out of hard drive space. Our short-term remedy is going to be putting the music on data discs so we can erase it from the computer. I’ve already got the tutorial written, so it will be up next Tuesday. I guess this month will just have three tutorials, or two tutorials in one week.

One of the big bummers about the picture thing is that tomorrow I was going to do Leo’s 9 month old post – he just turned 9 months yesterday – so I’ll either have to use a picture already on the computer or you’ll have to wait. (‘Cause you know you want some Leo cuteness!)

Second of all, I’m glad you’re as excited about the book as I am. I’m unsure how much I can say, other than it will be out next Spring; Wiley, Inc. is the publisher (they did all of the “for Dummies” books, and I think Charmed Knits, but don’t quote me on that); and I’m going to be using Cascade yarns for my projects. Chances are you’ll get little peeks when I start knitting the samples, but don’t expect me to give too much away!

Mmm-kay . . . I guess I’ll have to find an old picture for this post – because we all know photoless posts are a drag. Here ya go:

Leo tried to sneak to Brazil with his daddy.
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One Response to Tidbits . . .

  1. Möhkö says:

    Babies in suitcases are cute 😉 Leo was smart to put himself in the suitcase, Larissa only throughs her toys in the suitcase *lol*Oh by the way, i hopefully get the translation done this weekend, i will send it to you as soon as its ready:)

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