Right now I’m feeling something like this . . .

Leo is perplexed.

. . . because of this . . .

How could I have knit eight and a half rounds of almost 200 stitches before realizing that I accidentally twisted the knitting when joining it in the round. Arugh!

In happier news, tomorrow the Finnish version of the Confection Baby Shrug will be posted!

By the way, I’ve added a poll to the sidebar. Please take it – I would love your feedback!

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One Response to Twisted!

  1. Dez Crawford says:

    Hey, I once did the whole ribbing ona sweater before I realized it was twisted. Doh!I have a friend whose kid wanted a little soft-toy doll of Homer Simpson. When the child tired of it, my friend bought a flyswatter at the dollar store and affixed Homer to it. Whenever someone (inlcuding herself) does something dopey, they get swatted with the HOmer stick. You gotta love a family like that.

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