Episode One of the podcast is here!

It isn’t perfect, but since it’s already a week late I wanted to share it with you.

I promise, the editing and quality will improve. In the meantime, the guests for this episode were awesome!

This is the first episode of the Shizknit podcast! In this episode . . .

Learn about the Shizknit with an introduction from host, Tonya Wagner.

Music to Knit with – Ben Sollee
Ben Sollee
Ben’s MySpace page

Tracks included in this podcast are “It’s Not Impossible” and “A Change is Gonna Come.”
Ben’s CD, Learning to Bend, will be available nationwide June 10.

TuteTues Review – Picking up and knitting stitches.
Picking up and knitting from the cast on / bound off edge
Picking up and knitting from the side
Picking up and knitting the right number of stitches evenly

Practice picking up and knitting stitches with this free pattern – the Confection baby shrug!

Knitter of Note – Kate Jacobs
Kate Jacobs
Walker and Daughter
Comfort Food

Kate’s books are the Friday Night Knitting Club and Comfort Food.

Theme is “Gaddzooks” performed by the Java Men. Written by Craig Wagner.
Feedback is welcome! Email tonyawagner@theshizknit.com.

NOTE: Around the 19 minute mark, there’s a big electronic blip sound. I think this happened when converting the file to .m4a format and I don’t know how to fix it – sorry!

Listen to this episode

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2 Responses to Episode One of the podcast is here!

  1. Möhkö says:

    Congratulations on your first Podcast!!! I hope im aible to listen to it soon, right now my computer has something against the file *grrr*

  2. Kristin says:

    Hey, I had trouble listening to the podcast, too. Help!

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