One of those days . . .


Little problems keep popping up today. (And I don’t mean Leo, who – after being a complete turd last night – has made up for it by being smiley most of the day.)

The podcast is ready. Except for that whole “putting it on the internet” part. Apparently my filesize is too large, and I need to make it a MP3 (which I think I know how to do, but I have to re-download Audacity to do it.) Can one of you techno-savvy people give me some tips?

In knitting news, I have knit and frogged the same inch of fabric over and over. (That’s an inch long – about 30 inches wide!) Something just keeps going wrong. I have decided to step away from the project for the rest of the day . . . it’s not as if I don’t have plenty of other things to knit.

In non-knitting news, we spent almost all day yesterday and today trying to get the internet hooked up in our back room, which is now the craft room/music room/office. It finally is set up, but now there’s no phone – and Insight isn’t able to fix it until Monday. Arrugh! To make matters worse, my cell phone is notoriously unreliable.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better! I know it will – I’ll be working at the Knit Nook!

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