Ben Sollee (with Craig Wagner!) at WFPK

Still super busy, still no tutorial BUT that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some ear candy!

These videos were recorded on Wednesday at Ben Sollee’s members-only performance at WFPK. My dear husband, Craig accompanied him on guitar.

Ben’s at Bonnaroo this weekend, so check him out if you’re there! And if you’re in the Louisville area like me, you can see Craig at Speakeasy this Friday and Saturday.

These videos were recorded and edited by Keith Robbins.

“Hold Your Hand”

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2 Responses to Ben Sollee (with Craig Wagner!) at WFPK

  1. Chet Gray says:

    Thanks for putting this up! I wasn’t able to go, but my dad was (haha, you can actually see him in audience pan in the first video), so I’m glad I can still experience the show somewhat.These are probably the best videos of Ben online, too!

  2. Ah Panning For Gold is one of my all time favorite beautiful!

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