Ten months.

I missed the nine month post because of camera difficulties. That means I have a lot to report now that Leo is ten months!

* Leo has started bathing in the big bathtub. He is a huge fan and crawls and splashes around. His bad bath time habits include trying to drink the water and exploring his “manhood”. With his love for water, it’s no surprise that he likes the water park at the zoo.

*Count those teeth! The two bottom ones are fully in, and he’s well on his way to having the top four.

*”Big people food” Leo likes to eat includes macaroni and cheese, cheddar cheese, green beans, potato soup, broccoli soup, bananas (he can bite them off), peaches, rice krispies, Cheerios, tortillas, rice, refried beans, bread, small bits of cooked carrots, yogurt, egg yolk (on the rare occasion that there’s actually an egg around), black beans . . . he’s pretty happy with almost anything soft and easy to mash up. He has eaten part of a french fry and a bite of cake, too, but both of these foods were snuck to him against his Mommy’s will!

* Special skills include clapping, waving (which he JUST got the hang of), and picking his nose.

* The kid is never still. Ever. A true baby-on-the-go, he wants to be crawling or standing up and creeping his way from the couch to the table. Here he is crawling around at the Zoo.

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2 Responses to Ten months.

  1. Kristin says:

    He’s so advanced, at picking his nose, Leo has the skill level of at least a two year old! What a cutie!

  2. Möhkö says:

    I love that nose picking picture *lol* Leo is so handsome;-) My DD also loves him:D

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