Give it away now!

I received a very happy package in the mail last week – one from Penguin containing Kate Jacobs’ new book, Comfort Food. I thought, why not share the wealth?

If you liked Friday Night Knitting Club, you’ll enjoy Comfort Food – a book about women, family and – of course – food bringing people together. I finished this book in just two days – I was eager to find out what was happening with Gus Simpson, her family, and the crew of her CookingChannel show, Eat, Drink and Be. Kate has a way with bringing out the good side of every character, even the ones you’re sure you’ll hate at the beginning of the novel. The book made me want to whip up some food and share it with my loved ones, much like the way Friday Night Knitting Club made you wish you had the book on tape so you could knit while reading.

To win a copy of Comfort Food, simply leave a comment on this post that mentions your favorite food and why you love it so much. A winner will be randomly chosen. Because I want as many people to get something as possible, a second person will be chosen (again, at random) to receive a Comfort Food tote bag. The winner will be announced July 3, giving you almost two weeks to enter. (And if you don’t win, make sure to go to your favorite book store and pick up a copy!)

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13 Responses to Give it away now!

  1. The fist thing that comes to mind is Mom’s Thanksgiving Turkey Stuffing — she makes so much, it’s also baked off as a dressing! Sweet, savory and nutty, it fits the bill on so many levels. If only we could have it year round….

  2. erin says:

    mexican food – hands down. hope you are well, tonya!

  3. Last year I got to meet her at her los angeles book signing and she signed my copy of friday night knitting club:)I would love to have her book comfort food.My favorite food is golden glow pork chops the receipe is in the fix it and forget it cookbook for slow cookers page 138.The cling peaches and brown sugar and cinnamon and cloves causes your kitchen to fill with this yummy comforting smell and the porkchops taste amazing!!!! Hugs Darcy

  4. Fix it and forget it crockpot cookbook recipe golden glow porkchops page 138 it tastes amazing:)Darcy

  5. Möhkö says:

    Competitions are always good *lol*My favourite food wold be Fondue… melted cheese, white bread *drools* but it tastes best when its freezing cold outside and you have friends over (if they are willing to leave their houses when its so cold:D). Chokolade version of fondue is also very good;) But unlike normal fondue, its best eat alone of with my sweetheart (lets face it, who wants to share their chokolate with lot of people?)

  6. lifeasamama says:

    favorite food? corned beef. seriously. isn’t that odd?

  7. hag too says:

    My most favorite comfort food of all time is home made macaroni and cheese

  8. Kenyetta says:

    My favorite food, besides pizza, is Caribbean food. I love the spices, it’s my true comfort food!

  9. Kris says:

    My favorite food are home made doughnuts because my mom used to make them on Saturdays growing up and it reminds me of her.

  10. TopHat says:

    My favorite right now is ice cream- it’s been so hot lately!

  11. Sonya says:

    My favorite food..hmm…a really good salsa. Love chips and salsa, could it it everyday. I craved it like crazy during my first pregnancy. It would make me burp something terrible. When we were eating out, hubby would pretend it was him.

  12. nvrenough says:

    Pizza. It is the only thing that everyone in my family will eat and I just love it.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Favorite comfort food?Macaroni and cheese….moms.Lasagna….again moms.Quick comfort food? Hamburger and fries.Healthy comfort food? A turkey wrap with just a bit of real swiss cheese.JackieJackieCastsOn Ravelry

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