Back to normal . . . ish.

Patterns and schematics have officially been emailed to Kristi Porter for her new book. This by no means indicates that I’m finished with the project, but it is a huge relief. Now, I just have to get those samples finished!

(I also have to admit that I’m a teeny bit apprehensive since this is my first book project. What if she sends back an email that says “This is crap!”? But I know that’s quite unlikely.)

While we’re still on the topic of knitting, there isn’t going to be a end-of-June podcast. There will, however, be a bangin’ July podcast with special guest Jody Pirrello. Jody is the editor of the new online knitting magazine, Knotions – a magazine dedicated to helping you knit smarter with free patterns, articles, reviews and more!

Unsolicited early-morning Leo.

Now, I’m off to pick up Leo, who’s been visiting his Grandmother and G-Daddy this weekend. I can’t wait to see what he thinks about the Baby Surprise Jacket I cast on for him!

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