Craftiness: an inherited gene?

My grandpa is awesome, y’all. (For some reason, I have to say y’all when talking about my grandpa.) There are many reasons for this – he’s a no-fear kind of guy. He’s wrestled a bear and picked up snakes without thinking twice. (My mom witnessed the bear wrestling, so you know it’s true.) He tells great stories. He milked cows for over 30 years (I don’t know the exact number) and never missed a day. He grows the most awesome tomatoes. Every Friday, he and my grandma attend the Wrinkle Club at Captain D’s with their friends. He regularly walks on stilts, even though he’s well over six feet tall. He goes up hills on those stilts.

My cool grandpa, on his stilts. Note the nifty NRA belt buckle and tattoos, which I think his brother gave him.

He is also a crafty man. I’ve seen him turn a tree branch into a pretty amazing cane. He has no problem walking at all, but he uses it on his weekly trip to Wal-Mart. He says it’s to beat away all the women.

Cane: made by nature. Refined by Pa Mitchell.

This is pretty great, too. My sister took the picture – I wasn’t there for the unveiling of the Desert Rat.

Pa’s Desert Rat.

My sister said he found this root (or something) in his pond. He just added some buttons and a fabric tongue to turn it into a little creature.

One could say my desire to make things could come from my maternal grandma – who made the entire family’s clothes – or my paternal grandma – a quilter. I think there’s a little bit of Pa Mitchell influence, too.

* * *

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