Bitten by the crochet bug.

Dammit, Kristin!

I have crochet on the brain. Today Kristin sat down with me and showed me how to crochet; I’m definitely still a very beginner, but I feel like I could actually crochet something. So I’m going to.

I thought about a scarf from Happy Hooker, but have settled instead on the Sudoku afghan from an old issue of Knit.1. (It’s the “TV issue,” if anyone is interested.) It looks pretty easy; always a plus! These are the colors I want to use (The yarn is Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton, what else?)

My husband even agreed to the pink and the purple!

The squares will be good for crochet practice between finishing a gazillion WIPs, including . . .

*Leo’s BSJ (I hope to finish Sunday)
*Ms. Marigold(luckily, no deadline for this.)
*A birthday sweater vest for Craig using the Cashsoft from the Knit Nook sale (no deadline for this, either. Whew!)
*TWO book projects (almost finished!)
*TWO secret projects (just getting started!)
*Oh, yeah, a pattern to be written . . .

My queue is ever-growing, too. I want to do a Zephyr-fest and start Wicked and Rusted Root after I finish Ms. Marigold. And socks. I want to make socks.

How am I going to do all this with this little guy keeping me busy?

I’ll find a way. In the meantime, as you may have guessed, there’s not a Tutorial Tuesday this week. Come back next week – I’m sure to have something new to say about the use of crochet in knitting!

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One Response to Bitten by the crochet bug.

  1. KeanaLee says:

    I know the feeling I am always trying to keep my little guy busy so I can knit. I used to crochet before I started to knit, I’m better at

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