FO: Baby Surprise Jacket

(More pictures coming later. My computer is being a turd.) When I tried to upload more pictures, the computer erased everything that was on the memory card (including Leo cuteness and the rest of the BSJ pictures). So, this is it on the BSJ photo front. This probably means there won’t be a tutorial tomorrow, either, unless I can figure out the problem.

Okay, so it’s PRETTY MUCH a FO. I still have about four ends to weave in (I’ve already done most of them), shoulder seams to sew, and buttons to pick out. Still, the body of the knitting is done! I have intentionally not sewn the shoulder seams – I am going to do as Meg Swansen suggests and ask all of the non-knitters I know (wait – do I know any non-knitters?) to attempt to make this amorphous blob into a sweater.

I love how it magically turns into a sweater – it’s like origami!

Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton and Organic Cotton
Amount: It’s hard to say; it was all stashed yarn, and some was from a frogged project
Needles: US 9 24-inch Addi Turbos

In the future (because there will be more BSJs!), I would like to make the BSJ out of corn fiber. Rowan Calmer could be nice too. I’m really worried about the cotton sagging – keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t. In an ideal world I could use handspun without fear of an itchy baby, but I’m paranoid to even knit anything for a future kid out of wool after seeing how much it makes Leo break out.

I was a little worried about the size. I love Elizabeth Zimmermann but the only downfall of the BSJ is that the size is determined by gauge. I have never really found this to be the most accurate method of sizing, but it seems pretty close to an 18-month hoodie that Leo has. I might have to add cuffs to make the sleeves long enough, but other than that, it should fit.

I would also really like to add a hood, but right now I have too many other things to knit! I have enough blue, maybe before this winter the BSJ will get a hood. For now, I’m just going to find buttons and be done with it.

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2 Responses to FO: Baby Surprise Jacket

  1. it looks great, tonya!i’m sad you won’t be able to take it to baer to find the perfect button.

  2. Holly says:

    Yikes, I’m sorry your camera is crapping out on you! But the jacket is soooo cute folded up. Can’t wait to see it on Leo! Also, regarding the stretch factor, I think you’ll be okay. That yarn doesn’t exactly stiffen up in the wash, but it definitely tightens or something. If it starts looking wonky, I think you can just throw it in the laundry and it’ll perk up.

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