100 Things About Me

1. My name is Tonya. I was born on October 29, 1985 at 5:41 A.M.
2. I became a mother when my son Leo was born August 14, 2007 at 4:24 P.M. – over 28 hours after they induced labor!
3. I became a wife on January 6, 2007. My husband, Craig, is 15 years older than me. It’s not a big deal. (The age difference is what I’m referring to as “not a big deal”, not the being married part – being married is very important to me!)
4. I used to listen to jazz every Wednesday night at a bar called the Rudyard Kipling. In fact, that’s how I met my husband.
5. I actually never listen to jazz unless it’s live (or it’s Sunday and WFPK is on). I’m more of an indie rock kinda girl.
6. I am a hardcore “night” person. Insomnia is pretty common for me.
7. I almost never drink alcohol, but I do love the taste of bourbon.
8. Thanks to my little sister, I overuse the phrases “Your mom” and “Your face.” Thanks to The Office I overuse the phrase “That’s what she said.”
9. I grew up in a very small town in southern Kentucky – the population is 1630!
10. I graduated high school in three years – I skipped my junior year.
11. I started knitting at the age of 20, right before finals at UofL. My first project was the Go-Go Garter Stitch scarf from Stitch n’ Bitch by Debbie Stoeller.
12. I really want to make it as a knitwear designer. It’s my dream career. When I graduated high school, I thought my dream career involved law and politics.
13. I always wanted to be a mother. I told my now-husband about a month after we started dating that having a family was the #1 most important thing in my life.
14. I have one sister and one brother. My sister is (almost) three years younger than me, my brother is 12 years younger than me.
15. I generally feel really awkward in social situations. I am much more introverted than I once was.
16. I am tattooed.
17. I’ve always wanted to dye part of my hair some unnatural color, like lavender. I’ve never had the guts to do it. I also want to dye it darker, but don’t want to exaggerate my paleness too much.
18. I highlighted my hair from the time I was in eighth grade until I was 17 or 18.
19. I was a State Vice President of the Kentucky FFA Association. I can tell you all about dairy cattle (I tied for highest individual score in the state on dairy judging) and recite the opening ceremonies of the FFA Organization.
20. Unlike Holly (who suggested I do this list), I am a makeup junkie. I could easily spend hundreds of dollars at Sephora. Lately, in the spirit of saving money, I’ve been a L’Oreal Paris devotee. (Except for mascara. Maybelline has better mascara.)
21. Since finding out I was pregnant, I have become Frugal Fanny. I have to be!
22. I cook dinner for my husband almost every single night, no matter what time he gets home. (He’s a musician for a living, so sometimes that means midnight!) I’m quite proud of this fact.
23. I can be irrational at times.
24. I wish I didn’t have to drive a car. I would love to move to a city with better public transportation.
25. I once drove to New York City on a whim, stayed one night, and drove back home. I ran out of gas in Manhattan and had to walk blocks and blocks to find a gas station. (See #23.)
26. I also once bought a horse on a whim.
27. One of my favorite things about being in school was taking notes. I loved taking notes! I put that to good use when I write knitting patterns.
28. One day I took all of my notes in calligraphy. When I was in middle school, I won two calligraphy awards.
29. I was Metcalfe County’s Junior Miss in 2003. I sang “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story as my talent and won second place in talent; I got first place in the interview, poise, and I think academics but I can’t remember. I bombed the fitness portion.
30. I have had a pretty intense love of West Side Story since fifth grade, when my teacher Anita Smith exposed me to it.
31. I made a 31 on my ACT.
32. I only applied to one college. For some reason, I wanted to go to UofL.
33. I don’t have my degree yet – I have one more semester! When I graduate, I will have a B.A. in Political Science.
34. I would love to attend FIT or RISDI. (There are plenty of other design schools, too.)
35. I want to be better at sewing, but am not very good.
36. I have never felted anything. This is on my knitting “to-do” list, along with entrelac, steeks and five gazillion other things.
37. People I have had crushes on at one point or another: Dougie Houser, Johnny Depp, Stephen Colbert, Mo Rocca, Anderson Cooper. Hmm, do I have a type?
38. I love Mexican and Italian food, but my favorite restaurant in Louisville is Kashmir. I always get the Chicken Chili.
39. I very much want a vacation right now – anywhere outside of Kentucky will do, but I’d love to visit my friend Tyffany in St. Augustine or splurge and go to Ireland.
40. My MIL gives me all of her old magazines, so in my downtime (when I’m not knitting) you can find me reading Vanity Fair, Vogue or something similar.
41. I have a very extensive books-I’d-like-to-read list. Also a movies-I’d-like-to-see list.
42. I am very ignorant, pop-culture wise. I rarely catch references to pop culture.
43. I do have a weakness for chick flicks, like Never Been Kissed and Legally Blonde.
44. I know how to milk a cow, and have done so many times.
45. I weigh less now than I did the day I found out I was pregnant. In fact, for the first time in my life I can wear clothes smaller than my sister. Just today, I got three pairs of jeans that are too small from her. I am not trying to lose weight, I just have a healthier lifestyle now.
46. I am very pale, and embrace it. My foundation color is “Alabaster.”
47. I wore an eye patch for two years when I was younger, from the ages four to six. I had eye surgery for a lazy eye when I was six.
48. I am pretty much your stereotypical Scoripo.
49. I have a pretty expansive collection of neon-colored hosiery, as well as fishnets and leopard print tights, though the last time I dug anything out of it was Halloween.
50. I am somewhat disgusted that most of these sentences start with “I” – but I guess a list about myself is just going to be that way!
51. I recently started podcasting – mostly because it gives me an opportunity to connect with other knitters. I think my voice is very dorky.
52. My best friend is my husband.
53. Foods I can’t stand: pimento cheese and eggs. And cinnamon pickles, which is something terrible my grandma made once and will be burned into my memory forever.
54. I had a touch of asthma as a kid; I explained to my teacher that I had a “teaspoon of asthma.”
55. I was always the smart kid and the teacher’s pet.
56. Every summer, I read more books than any other kid in the summer reading program.
57. I can be sort of OCD about clothes. I have a certain system about how they’re put away that only makes sense to me. If I choose to wear something “out of order,” everything else goes to the bottom of the pile.
58. I love HOT showers, but when I was pregnant I had to take cold showers – hot ones made me feel faint.
59. I am pretty much at peace with my stretch marks – they’re almost like a “motherhood badge.”
60. We recently got rid of cable to save money. The only show I miss is Project Runway.
61. I can quote The Office like you wouldn’t believe. I also love Arrested Development and Curb Your Enthusiasm.
62. I always give people the benefit of the doubt.
63. I also always try to find the silver lining.
64. I am very into cuddling.
65. I almost always refer to sex as “doin’ it.”
66. I have never broken a bone. (Knock on wood!)
67. I didn’t have any cavities until I went to college.
68. My first kiss was on my thirteenth birthday. The boy I kissed was my preacher’s son.
69. It really bugs me when my toenails aren’t painted. And the best nail polish is Essie!
70. I could spend hours in Target, and often do.
71. There are about a million knitting books I want to buy, including everything by Elizabeth Zimmermann and Barbara Walker.
72. I would love to play a musical instrument, but have come to realize that I’m way better at knitting than music. I do know a bit about mandolin and can play “Minuet in G” by Johann Sebastian Bach. I also took drum lessons for awhile, but never got any good.
73. I took two years of Spanish in high school and 12 hours of Spanish in college. I MIGHT be able to communicate in a Spanish speaking country – but might not.
74. I can barely swim. I love being around water, though.
75. My favorite season is fall, hands-down, but spring is pretty cool, too.
76. I came home from the hospital on Halloween. Maybe that’s why Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. One year a friend and I celebrated “Halloweek.”
77. Ninety-nine percent of my shirts are solid colors.
78. I have this sense of urgency about knitting; like, if I don’t knit as much as possible I’ll never do everything that I want to do, knitting-wise. There are so many things I want to make and want to learn; I wish I could devote much more of my time to the needles.
79. I am going to be a published knitter next year! I’m excited/nervous!
80. I am not an animal person. I see no reason to get pets until Leo begs for one.
81. I used to be much more of a control freak; only at 22 am I beginning to accept that some things need to be delegated.
82. I consider myself to be quite feminine.
83. I very much need to work on my posture.
84. I hope to someday muster up the willpower to exercise on a daily basis.
85. I call my mother almost every day.
86. I love Sunergos Coffee – particularly the Guatemala blend. I’ve been converted from Heine Brothers Coffee.
87. I can’t tell the difference in name brand and Kroger brand anything, except soda. My biggest vice is caffeine, so I’m going to get the good stuff!
88. I am a moron when it comes to drugs – I don’t know what half of the slang words mean! I think this is a good thing.
89. It takes me forever to make a decision.
90. I pretty frequently dream about yarn and knitting.
91. It’s easy to tell when I’m embarrassed – my face and neck turn really splotchy.
92. I participated in pubic speaking contests from 4th grade up until I graduated. I sometimes won, despite a pretty obvious lisp.
93. When I was in seventh grade I wrote a series of plays about ancient civilizations and their rulers; the Queen Hatshepsut in Egypt, Montezuma and Cortez, Hammurabi, et cetera. The one about the Aztecs was a musical. Only one of these plays was a school assignment, though I put them in my seventh grade writing portfolio as a collection.
94. I want to publish a group of knitting patterns as a collection, maybe in book form.
95. I won fifth place in a national writing contest when I was in eighth grade. This was shortly after one of the two haircuts in my life that made me cry.
96. When I was a kid – like, four or five – I invented this system about what your favorite color should be based on your age and gender. Strange, I know. What’s stranger is that I still remember and refer to this system from time to time without thinking twice about it!
97. I adore cardigans. I wear them year-round.
98. When I was in third grade I read all of Roald Dahl’s books. I want to get them for Leo when he gets bigger.
99. I want to start listening to audiobooks while I knit.
100. I must like talking about myself – this list wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be!

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6 Responses to 100 Things About Me

  1. Given that I graduated High School and was in College the year you were born (sigh), I feel compelled to pass onto you the benefit of all my years of knowledge:1)Color your hair red. Not screaming red, not pink, but something subtle. Men dig red heads.2)Having stash guarantees you won’t die before it’s used up. I’m counting on this one.3)Turning 40 and reading the Sweet Potato Queen’s books were two of the most freeing, self growth moments on my life. I hope you find them just as delicious.You’ve had a interesting life up to this point. I look forward to reading more of your adventures, and seeing your patterns in print.

  2. TopHat says:

    I wonder how you get all your knitting done with a little one at home. My knitting has been at a stand still!But a wonderful list!

  3. Holly says:

    What an awesome list! Glad I could help inspire you! :^)

  4. “78. I have this sense of urgency about knitting; like, if I don’t knit as much as possible I’ll never do everything that I want to do, knitting-wise. There are so many things I want to make and want to learn; I wish I could devote much more of my time to the needles.””90. I pretty frequently dream about yarn and knitting.”I am so happy to learn that I am not the only one who suffers from these two “afflictions”! LOLKeep up the good work, I enjoy reading your blog when I get the time (I’ve got a 12 year old, a 7 year old, a 2 year old and a 7 week old that take up most of my time…).

  5. I have this sense of urgency about knitting; like, if I don’t knit as much as possible I’ll never do everything that I want to do, knitting-wise. There are so many things I want to make and want to learn; I wish I could devote much more of my time to the needles.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You ran out of gas in Manhattan? Thanks for the info. By the way, I remember when you were small and couldn’t make a decision we would tell you to use your own judgement. We all make mistakes. Love, Mom

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