Smitten with Malabrigo!

Warning: this is a photo intensive post that may make you want to go out and fondle some Malabrigo! (This also means my camera works now – yay!)

Guess what arrived at the Knit Nook today . . .

It’s that wooly-goodness that we know as Malabrigo. I’ve heard great things about it and fell in love the instant I saw it.

I realize that it may be a little preemptive to declare my love – I haven’t so much as swatched with this yarn yet. But it’s feels so good and I love the kettle dyed effect.

This stack of yarn is going to become a February Lady Sweater [Ravelry link] by Pamela Wynne. Getting started on this project is incentive to get some things done quickly!

Because we decorate with yarn in this house, I’ve stuck some Malabrigo in a basket and put it on our mantle.

This is the view when I walk in the front door:

Love it! I have a feeling this is going to be a contender with everything by Blue Sky Alpacas and Rowan Cashsoft DK for my favorite yarn!

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One Response to Smitten with Malabrigo!

  1. Holly says:

    AHHHHHH!!!!! FLIP OUT!!!!Okay, sorry for the caps, got excited. Must run to the Knit Nook now! Must roll around naked in piles of Malabrigo!

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