Tutorial Tuesday: the lazy version.

I have found one of the most incredible tutorials online and rather than try to compete with it, I’ll send you all over to the TECHknitting blog.

Ysolda Teague is one of my favorite knitwear designers, so I turned to one of her toy patterns when looking for something to knit for Leo’s birthday. Ysolda points knitters to this amazing tutorial on how to cast on from the center without leaving a hole. I have been working on an original pattern that has a knit flat circle and the hole was driving me crazy, so I was really happy to find this tutorial.

Thanks, Ysolda, for pointing out this technique – and thanks, readers, for being accepting of the “sort of” Tutorial Tuesday. (I promised two tutorials this week, the second one will be “real.”) Now, I’m off to clean so I can start on Otto!

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