Big post o’pictures: birthday edition.

Leo is a very lucky baby! He had two birthday celebrations. The first was on his actual birthday (August 14). Craig, Leo and I had a nice day together, with a couple of presents, an evening at the Zoo, and Funfetti cupcakes.

Leo’s first guitar.

Zooin’ it.

My favorite picture of the day – how sweet!

After being so busy, Leo – of course – had a sugar crash.

Notice the Zoo sticker on the forehead. It was a wild party!

This lucky little baby had a family party on Sunday, where he got way too spoiled. Kristin, I know you insisted on a cake-face picture, but Leo was kind of freaked out by his cake on both days. He wouldn’t put his hands in it, but happily ate it with utensils. (Odd, since he thinks oatmeal is finger food!) When I broke off pieces, he would stick his fork in the cake and hand the fork to me. He still managed to make a mess, though!

Craig and I got in on the fun in party hats . . .

. . . and no party would be complete without knitting! Stephanie snapped a picture of me working on Otto. (I was picking up and knitting stitches for his first arm.)

Leo had a great first birthday!

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4 Responses to Big post o’pictures: birthday edition.

  1. Holly says:

    Awww, so precious! If Iris’s birthday is half that full, I will consider it a success!

  2. Julia Zahle says:

    Aaaw, he is lovely!By the way – Ivalo (now 2 years) got a similair guitar at her first birthday from my mother. You know – it makes horrible metallic melodies, that can drive the most patient mother to crazyness… Six months after her birthday, the guitar “broke” and “disappeard” – and only seems to work and somehow find its way from “disappeard” when Ivalo is going to sleep at my mothers house. (ha ha ha)/Julia

  3. KeanaLee says:

    Happy Birthday Leo! So cute, as I anxiously await jack’s first birthday in a 4 months, I also have to look forward to my “baby” turning 14 years old, only 11 days after his little brother turns 1. Let me tell you, the time goes by so fast!

  4. incidentalhappiness says:

    Aww, your Leo looks like he had a great day :)How is he enjoying his ‘Otto’? Only 2 more days until my Leo gets his Dino 😉

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