That Leo . . .

Leo scared the poop out of me (okay, not literally, but almost) by falling out of his highchair today. He’s fine, just a bump on the noggin, but I still feel really terrible. I was in the kitchen preparing lunch and heard a big crash, then saw my sweet little baby on the floor. The first thing I did when I scooped him up was to see if he still had all his teeth, then check his arms and legs to make sure nothing was broken.

We decided it’s time for a booster seat. Leo can unbuckle the strap in his highchair too easily. In the meantime, we realized that he was trying to stand up in his highchair, so when he was eating his lunch we kept saying, “let me see your piggies” so he would keep his toes hanging down.

Two hours later, I think my heart rate is finally returning to normal. I know all babies have little bumps, I’m just glad Leo was okay.

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3 Responses to That Leo . . .

  1. Whew!So glad that sweet Leo is a-ok. Just watch him in the supermarket, too. Those buggies/baskets/carts are treacherous, too.You earned your chocolate today!Deep breath. Deep, deep breath.

  2. Holly says:

    Iris’s head has some kind of floor attracting magnet in it, so I totally empathize. Glad you’re both okay!

  3. we’ve all had those moments, tonya! i am glad leo is fine and i know you will be too!

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