Bad photos of knits.

If I put my mind to it, I can be a good yarnographer. You wouldn’t know that from these photos.

As part of Buckle Down Day (which is turning into Buckle Down Week), I’m finishing knits that are on the needles before casting on for something new. Here’s a little bit of my progress:

Ms. Marigold

I really like the way Ms. Marigold looks, but I’m not so crazy about my Ms. Marigold. This is mainly because I abused the poor thing. I needed the needles for another project that had a deadline, so I had to put Ms. M on hold on needles that were too large, and you can really tell where that was. Plus some lumps and bumps here and there from knitting in the dark in the car. It’s a little shorter than I normally like my shirts, but since it’s a layering piece I don’t mind too much (and I very much wanted to BO by that point.) I still need to figure out how I’m going to finish the armholes, but I won’t decide until after I block it. Maybe the little imperfections will go away and I’ll be happier with it.

Upside-Down Daisy Hat

I started this hat last August. Pre-Leo! It was supposed to be for Iris, but I just finished it and it’s a newborn size. (I made Iris a Confection shrug so I don’t feel so bad about her missing out on the hat.) That means this hat is going to a new little baby girl named Mollie.

My “helper” kept taking the hat off of his stuffed monkey when I was taking photos, but he did try to put it back on at least.


Probably the worst photo of the bunch, but the object I’m happiest with. I’m going through a cabled hat kick so you’ll be seeing more in the coming weeks. One more pattern repeat and I can start the decreases!

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3 Responses to Bad photos of knits.

  1. Holly says:

    Yes, Iris loves her shrug so you shouldn’t feel bad at all. And I bet you are a lot happier with Ms. Marigold post block. It really can work wonders!

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