It seems like lately I’ve been posting more “I’m frustrated” things about motherhood than “I’m so lucky to have this little guy” things. So today, a post showing off some of Leo’s skillz. (There’s no reason I’m spelling “skills” with a “z” today. It just seemed like a fun way to liven the post. Yes, I can be utterly lame sometimes.)

Leo has been combing his hair for awhile now, but I hadn’t caught it on camera until the other day. Sometimes he misses and goes straight for the back of his head, but it’s always cute.

Leo has also acquired a skill I’m very thrilled about – putting away his toys! He’ll at least get a few in the toy box before getting tired of it. We turn everything into a game here, so maybe he’ll equate cleaning his room with fun.

By the way, the toy he’s putting into his box – a cute amigurumi lion that Kristin made him for his birthday. (On the knit toys front, he also got an adorable cupcake from Ruth.) I tried photographing him with his knits, but with his five second attention span I haven’t been able to capture Leo and his lion and cupcake on camera. Soon. Leo says thank you. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m glad all of the adults in Leo’s life are either knitters or musicians; you couldn’t ask for better people.

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One Response to Skillz.

  1. KeanaLee says:

    HOW did you teach him to put toys awaY! I have to teach jack that trick! Tonya, he is so freakin’ cute! he is a close second to Jack.

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