Ike strikes.

Today’s weather was just bizarre – hurricane strength winds in Kentucky! I’ll let the Courier-Journal fill you in.

The thing that struck me most about today is that what we experienced is nothing compared to an actual hurricane. It really made me feel for all those in Texas that were affected by Ike, and those in other cities that have been hit by the other hurricanes.

I’m just posting this because I hope all you Midwesterners that got hit with what’s left of Hurricane Ike are safe. Here in Louisville I think the Highlands was one of the areas with quite a bit of damage, and since that’s where a lot of Knit Nook regulars live, I’ll feel much better when I know that everyone is okay and I have my fingers crossed that none of you had property damage. (Of course, many of you don’t have electricity, so I guess there’s no way you’ll be able to respond!)

Also, because this caught my eye and I couldn’t resist pointing it out:

Notice anything odd about the banner?

One more thing: the cables class at the Knit Nook has been rescheduled for next Sunday from 6-8. Since I wasn’t able to reach all of the students by phone, maybe they’ll stumble across the blog.

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2 Responses to Ike strikes.

  1. KeanaLee says:

    We had no power from 10pm till 6 am this morning, and I am all the way in Pittsburgh, the wind was horrid last night!

  2. jess. says:

    uummm…. is it WINTER already??

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