New season, new shizknit.

Happy Fall! I love the start of any new season, but Fall is by far my favorite. It makes me so motivated and energized, plus we’re just around the corner from wearing all of those cozy hand knits.

I’m not necessarily re-vamping the blog, but I do plan to be much more consistent about bringing you fun and informative content (with some cute toddler action thrown in for good measure.) I have decided that it’s better to do a few things well than many things half-heartedly. For that reason, I’m focusing almost all of my energy on designing; I am going to lay the podcast to bed – there have just been too many technical difficulties. I will share the interview I recorded with Knotions editor Jody Pirrello as soon as I can get it online. Tutorial Tuesday is here to stay – I still plan to help you with knitting techniques. I will also be continuing the “how I design” series.

So that’s it. I’m excited about infusing the blog with even more zing and pep.

One armed push ups? Even Leo is percolating.

Tonya trivia that has nothing to do with this post: my first date with Craig was on Sepetmber 22; it’s our firstdateverisary!
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One Response to New season, new shizknit.

  1. Holly says:

    I’m sad you’re losing the podcast, but I know how it is! Sometimes you just have to let stuff go. Fall always puts me in that kind of mood too. Good luck with your re-vamp!

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