St. James Tie Collar

I think we’ve pretty much established that I have no problem picking up and knitting stitches. But, even though I’ve shown you how it’s done, it’s not for everyone. If the picking up and knitting has prevented you from casting on for St. James (available at, don’t worry – there are other ways to achieve the exact same look.

Here are some alternate collar instructions:

Option One: Cast on the whole thing at once.
Yoel decided to do this, and it’s a great way to avoid picking up stitches.

With smaller ndls, CO 224 [248, 270, 270, 294, 308, 332 sts]. Beg with Row 2 of Seed st patt, work back and forth in rows in patt until Collar meas 1 inch.

BO 75 sts in patt at the beg of the foll two rows.

Switch to larger ndls. Beg pattern at Row 1.

You have already completed the tie, so no need to work the collar section.

Option Two: Use the provisional cast on.
Cast on the required number of stitches using the provisional cast on. When you get to the collar section, unzip the provisional cast on and slip the stitches to the smaller needle instead of picking up stitches.

Option Three: Skip the knitting and use a ribbon.
I would never have thought of this, but a Raveler mentioned it, and I think it could be cute.

While we’re talking about the St. James collar, check out this post on the MetaBlog for an idea on how to make your collar look even spiffier.

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