Some WIPs.

Somehow, I’ve managed to finish two things this week! (Post forthcoming.) I’d like to finish one more thing, then I feel like I’ll have a good number of knits on the needles. Here are a couple of things I’m still working on . . .

The Irish Hiking Scarf, from Hello Yarn. I’ve completed one out of three balls of Rowan Summer Tweed, so I guess that makes me 1/3 of the way finished. I’m in no hurry to complete this scarf; I like having a scarf “standing by” to work on.

The February Lady Sweater, on the other hand, is something I can’t wait to finish! The weather today makes me wish it were already complete and ready to wear. The yarn is that yummy Malabrigo I posted about a little while ago. In addition to the simple fact that I want to wear it, I also can’t wait to finish this sweater so I can start on a new one. (I am trying to be disciplined with my knitting and not have too many WIPs at once. We’ll see how this goes.)

Both of these items have a little more progress than the photos show, but not enough to merit new pictures. I do, however, need to photograph the things I’ve finished this week!

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