Your vote counts – for the CBGB Festival!

I told Mick (banjo player of the awesome-yet-now-gone Fire the Saddle who is now with Squeeze-bot) that I’d spread the word about this.

Photo by Andrew Raitz.

Squeeze-bot is a band with an eclectic mix of instruments (accordion, banjo, tuba and drums) and even more eclectic set lists (for an idea of what they play, check out the tracks on their album – my favorite is the cover of “Behind Blue Eyes.” And while we’re talking about the album, how awesome is the cover?!) Anyway, they’re trying to win a spot to play at the Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Festival. I’ll let them explain it:

It’s easy, go to:

www. cbgbfestival. com/contest

and cast your vote for us.

Yesterday we were at the bottom of page 2. Today we’re #4.

The contest ends Oct 17th, and you can vote once a day.

Any help you can give us will be most appreciated!

note: if you don’t see a section on this page that allows you to vote, try revisiting the site in a different web browser.

And that’s it! One vote per day, per IP address until October 17. The guys (and gal) in Squeeze-bot will appreciate it. With the help of the knitters, they might make it to number one!

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3 Responses to Your vote counts – for the CBGB Festival!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m so in love with Todd!-not his wife.

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