St. James – again.

Are you sick of hearing about St. James yet? ‘Cause I just keep finding more to say.

The Daily Knitter has chosen St. James as it’s pattern of the day! I’m honored and thrilled. I found out when I received this email from a knitter in Maryland:

I love the design of the top, but don’t like the tie at the neck. Could you help me figure out how to make it with just the plain neckline? Really a pretty design. Thank you.

You know I’m always happy to answer questions about the pattern. For a plain neckline, work the pattern as follows:

With smaller ndls, CO 74 [98, 120, 120, 144, 158, 182] sts. Work in Seed st until collar meas 1 in. Change to larger ndls.

Begin pattern as written (published at at Row 1, where you place the markers. Skip the “collar” section later in the pattern.

If you have any more questions about St. James, don’t hesitate to ask! My email address is tonyawagner AT theshizknit DOT com.

*A note on yesterday’s post: Squeeze-bot is now just three votes away from the number one spot in the CGBG festival contest. I’d like to think it’s because the knitters have helped ’em out! Please continue voting; I know the band appreciates it. And don’t forget, you can vote from work and from home.

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2 Responses to St. James – again.

  1. Barbara says:

    I am the woman from Maryland who wrote to ask this question. Thank you so much for this really fast answer!!Barbara Collins

  2. And I am a knitter from Indiana who knows Barbara and she posted to our knitting group about you!!! Thanks so much for the quick response, I plan to add this to my must do knitting list. God Bless Marion

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