Yup, I failed on the Tutorial Tuesday front. Tomorrow will be Tutorial Thursday, and I’ll show you how to increase or make lace with yarn overs! (Super easy, I promise.)

Instead of photographing how to yarn over, I was busy dropping off and picking up waaaaay too many times and being angry at a receptionist for adding a lot of unnecessary hassle to my day. Last night, however, I was able to forget about all of that thanks to these guys:

Ray, Craig and Todd
Thanks, Bill, for emailing me these photos!

Java Men (link is super outdated, but click away anyway!) is the group my husband was in for years; they found audiences both with jazz and rock fans. I was always sad that Java Men dissolved before I met my husband since it’s one of the only settings that Craig plays original stuff. Last December, the group got together for a show that rocked my socks off. Last night, they got together again and played with incredible intensity and talent. I’ve listened to their recordings many times, but nothing matches a live performance from these guys. After the show, we stayed out entirely too late at Monkey Wrench.

Plus, Craig wore his entrelac hat the entire time he played . . .

The photo’s kind of dark, but check out the hat!

Craig’s worn that hat almost every day since I finished it last week, but that’s another post. If I get my hands on more photos from last night, I’ll try to post them somewhere. Sorry about being late on the tute – come back tomorrow!

(By the way, Mick – remember to vote! – was telling me that he saw Greg Kinnear on Conan or something and they talked about Kinnearing and the Yarn Harlot! He seemed surprised when I knew exactly what he was talking about.)

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