Gettin’ my head in the game . . .

An uncharacteristic second post of the day! (Third, if you count my post on the Knit Nook blog.)

Before progressing with this post, I’ll go ahead and admit that there’s a song from High School Musical going through my head now . . . thanks to my brother Logan, who has the PS2 game. I swear, Leo’s not going to be allowed to watch TV . . .

Anyway, something just snapped inside me when I checked my email. In a good way. I’ve been in a very uninspired mood lately, knitwear design wise, but when you see the name of a famous designer in your inbox it does something to you. (I’m part of a mailing list – I wish this person were emailing me personally!) I was dreading being home alone tonight (Craig has not one, but two gigs, and I barely saw him fifteen minutes today), but now I see it as an uninterrupted evening to work on submissions for a couple of publications. And, of course, to blather on about this to whomever reads my blog. For some reason, recording this on my blog makes me hold myself accountable.

Now, off to the grid paper. Here’s a cute baby to look at:

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One Response to Gettin’ my head in the game . . .

  1. Well….I read your blog. Love the pictures of your little darling. And always thrill at new tutorials. Hang in there!For whatever reason, Bloglines isn’t showing your updates. That’s ok — about a third of the others I read aren’t updating either. They need to call “the plumber.”

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