A Few Honest Words (Updated)

First of all, this is a place of respect and open-mindedness. I don’t want the blog to be political, which is why the content is mostly knitting and babies. But when Ben Sollee posted this video on his MySpace blog, I knew I had to share. No matter your beliefs, you have to admit it’s well done! (If you agree with the message, that’s cool, too.)

Here’s the video with a fixed link:

The original version, with Craig on guitar, for comparison (and just because.)

Please, people. Find out the facts about the candidates (not hearsay!) and VOTE on November 4!

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3 Responses to A Few Honest Words (Updated)

  1. Amen and amen!!!!! (I posted it to my blog yesterday too.)

  2. KeanaLee says:

    crap the video is no longer available….fill us in.

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey tonya, keith robbins here. i hope you guys saw the video of craig’s solos during that show too (on my youtube acct). even better, the whole show is going to be on http://www.myoldkentuckyblog.com tomorrow (in partnership with Sirius Radio!!!). i don’t know what they will write in the review but i made sure they knew who craig was.

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