Weekend update.

Okay, I’ve been a slacker blogger this week, and I can only blame so much on the election. It’s been a blogworthy week, but all of my computer time has been spent sending and receiving emails. Here are some things that are all very much deserving of individual blog posts.

– As Kristin mentioned on the Knit Nook blog, I’m on the cover of Velocity Weekly! The story is a well-written piece about my generation’s interest in old-fashioned crafts. The story itself only has a paragraph or so about me; it really was a shock to see my picture on the cover. Joanna did a great job with the article, and the photo shoot with John was a lot of fun.

– I have gotten good news about one of my patterns, but that’s pretty much all I can say about that. I’m working with a super-cool woman in the knitting industry, but it will be a few more months before I can tell you much more. (Sorry for being a tease, I just had to say something!)

– Despite all of the Christmas knitting I need to get crackin’ on – not to mention that my FLS needs sleeves – I can’t stop working on socks. I predict that any spare moment at work on Sunday will be spent fondling sock yarn. More about this (with photos) in an upcoming blog post.

– Leo is walking! He’s still kind of shaky, but he’s finally getting the hang of it. The secret to getting your child to walk? Take him to a public place where you wish he’d be still. In other Leo news, his eighth tooth just popped out.

Cutie-patootie pants.

So, that’s what I should have blogged about this week but didn’t. More on some of these little blurbs next week, plus learn how to “skp” and about my grand plans for my birthday money. (Here’s a hint.) Oh, and have I mentioned that very soon I’ll be giving away a very cool book thanks to Stefanie Japel and F&W Publishing?

(P.S. My hat pattern Isotope should have been live this week, but Knotions is experiencing some technical problems. The editor is working diligently to resolve the issues – I’ll let you know when the pattern is up. I think they’re shooting for Monday.)

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