FO Sho.

First things first – regarding my post earlier today, I decided that it is, in fact, totally crazy to take 18 credit hours next semester AND raise a child AND do a little bit of knitting work so I decided to drop Acting for Nonmajors and am down to 15 hours. I’ll be taking Rural Sociology, Introduction to Middle East Politics, British Literature I, Studies in Ethnomusic, and Argument in Everyday Life. My schedule is very clearly a result of, “hey, what classes are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays,” but they seem interesting enough.
More important than what I’ll be doing from January to May next year is that I have a FO! Rather than take proper photos with the digital camera, I opted to use Photo Booth.

I jumped on the Knit Nook bandwagon and made an O-Wool hat since I had a ball of O-Wool Classic in my stash. The color is Saffron, which perfectly matches Leo’s Ugly Doll.

Every project I’m working on right now seems to be taking about ten years, so it’s nice to finish something. I really do like the fit of this hat and it only uses around half a ball of O-Wool Classic. I didn’t know how this color would look with my ultra-fair complexion, but now that I see it on I think it looks nice, so there may be another Saffron hat in the future. (Maybe Habitat . . .)

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One Response to FO Sho.

  1. Kristin says:

    Don’t worry, Tonya. I’ll help you kill Brit Lit!

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