Happy thoughts.

Today has been one of those days . . .

. . . let’s reflect on a funny gadget!

A knitter who wishes to remain unnamed came into the store a few weeks ago with a nifty little contraption for holding your yarn so that you can walk around and knit. The closest thing I could find online was this, but the one Unnamed Knitter brought into the Knit Nook is made with the type of plastic that is used for retainers. She put it in the middle of the table and said it was free to a good home. I tried it, thought it was awesome, and brought it home with me (after confirming that no one else wanted it – I didn’t want to be greedy!)

In the photo above I’m knitting on my FLS (which has been neglected for weeks; it just needs sleeves!) and am wearing Ms. Marigold.

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One Response to Happy thoughts.

  1. jess. says:

    Hilarious! Have you used your ‘Husband Embarassment tool’ outside of the home/shop?

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