Lusting for socks.

I need some hand knit socks.

I have a pair that I made for myself – one pair. My Very First Socks are made with bright turquoise bulky weight yarn and have teeny holes where the gusset stitches were picked up. Warm and cuddly for bed, but they aren’t leaving the house. (I don’t think I could fit shoes over them if I tried!)

Not too long ago, I found a lone skein of Wildfoote in Sonatina, which should have been named the Barbie colorway. There were even a set of US 2 dpns stuck inside. Since I only found one skein, I cast on for some ankle socks. This photo is one days worth of progress (photo on Election night.)

The second sock has been resting at the beginning of the heel turn, since I have deadlines coming up and not enough hands. Despite working on a project I’m excited about (it’s going to be published in an actual magazine – but you can’t have any more details than that) I can think of nothing but Nancy Bush’s book and that yummy Great Adirondack Silky Sock yarn. Until I finish my current project, I guess I’ll have to continue slummin’ in my store-bought socks.

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