New mini-obsession.

But first, since the blog has been seriously photo deficient:

There. That’s better.

I’m going to steer the blog discussion away from knitting and babies for a minute to talk about my latest obsession – food. You see, even though we try to feed Leo pretty healthily, Craig and I have a not-terrible-but-not-great diet. Part of that comes from the fact that while I’d love to shop at Whole Foods, I have a Kroger budget, so I buy things like white bread that contains ingredients like high fructose corn syrup.

Then I remembered this website that Leo’s pediatrician gave us a few months ago – It’s mind blowing in a way that’s perfectly obvious. You enter your age, height, weight and gender and it gives you a guide for how many calories you should eat per day (with a breakdown of how many items in each food group you should eat), plus an allowance of “extras.” I put a standard day’s worth of food in the menu planner for fun, and was shocked at how unhealthy my diet is. I should theoretically have around 2000 calories of healthy food and have up to 265 extra calories. I had about half of my “healthy” calories, and went way over on the extras. Suddenly the most obvious thing hit me: instead of loading up on caffeine, which gives you energy but also lots of sugar and fat, why not focus on things that are good for me. Duh. By just playing around with some choices on the website, I was amazed to find out how much healthier it is to switch my soda for 100 percent cranberry juice and snack on tangerines instead of candy bars. Hey, I like cranberry juice and tangerines. By just cutting out soda, it even leaves lots of room for sugar cookies.

My discovery of coincides with my newfound love of cooking. I’ve always liked to cook, but hated the cleanup. I’ve discovered that if you are really nice and make yummy food for the husband, he helps clean the kitchen, which leaves me no reason not to cook. Last night (after making fajitas for dinner – mmm!) I made a huge pot of vegetable soup with some whole-grain rotini to boost the caloric value and plan on eating it for lunch for the next few days. I also whipped up some sugar cookies (my second batch after making over 3 dozen for Thanksgiving.) Today I bought some loaf pans and hope to start making my own wheat bread, sweetened with honey instead of corn syrup.

I’ve been feeling like crap lately – very worn out – and hope that changing my diet will give me more energy. No wonder I’m so tired; I don’t have enough fuel. (Of course, no amount of food will change the fact that Leo has teething-induced diarrhea and booster shot-induced crankiness, but y’know, I can dream.) And even though I do work a bit, I still consider myself to be a stay at home mom. I am lucky that I have the time to devote to chopping up broccoli for snacking purposes and baking bread and the like.

I’m not saying I won’t eat a Snickers here and there, and it’s crazy to think I can cut out all caffeine. But a)I want to set a good example for Leo, b)I want to know what goes into my food, c)I enjoy cooking and d)I’m sick of being tired and eating healthily should lead to more energy. I’ll post foodie updates between the knitting shizzy. I hope that posting about this on the blog and having realistic expectations will help me move toward a healthier diet. Then maybe, just maybe, I’ll be ready to address my sedentary lifestyle and actually want to exercise by the time the weather gets nice again.

(By the way, my February Lady Sweater is FINISHED and wearable! It took two long days to dry. The fit is perfect. More when the weather cooperates and I can take photos.)

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2 Responses to New mini-obsession.

  1. Capi says:

    I’m feeling really guilty as I read this and sip on my Starbuck’s White Chocolate Mocha…. I totally need to kick my diet in the butt, too!! Maybe we can help each other!!!!! (Although, I think I may be beyond help at this point…)

  2. maggimak says:

    Hi, Tonya. I discovered some recipes for homemade bread that requires no kneading! You just mix the ingredients, leave it to rise and bake it. I made focaccia the other day and it was delicious. Because you don’t knead it, you have to plan ahead and start early. If you know you want whole wheat bread for sandwiches on Monday, you have to start the process on Sunday, but all you’re doing is letting it sit there. When I come into the Nook, I’ll bring you some recipes. Happy New Year! Margaret

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