The sound and the fury.

The wind is howling outside. I never really think of Kentucky as a place that we have to worry about weather that’s too severe, but with Hurricane Ike hitting in September, the ice storm earlier this winter and now these crazy winds, I’m beginning to wonder if there are going to be any trees left! (Erin and Katie seem to have similar thoughts about the weather.)

If I don’t blog in the next few days, it will be because a tree has knocked down more power lines, which I hope doesn’t happen. In the meantime, I have some projects to finish, so I’m prepared for knitting by candlelight if it comes down to it.

The weather has been cloudy and dreary, so no new photos to share. Instead, here’s some yarn I photographed at the Knit Nook one day. It’s Blue Ridge Kaleidescope sock yarn, which is what I’m using for Hedera, though the colorway is different.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to step away from the computer and locate our flashlights! (And keep your fingers crossed that Craig makes it home from his gig without any drama!)

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One Response to The sound and the fury.

  1. capitana42 says:

    I hope Craig made it home safely… do you have power? Lights are on over here, so you’re welcome to come over if you need some electricity!!!

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