I’ve had mixed success with my “knit only from original patterns 6 days a week” resolution. I decided one way to put the focus on my original knits was to reknit my patterns that hadn’t been tech edited, and since Biddle was the one with the most errata, that was first. I wanted to make sure the version that was currently on Ravelry was correct (it is), so I reknit it using leftovers from Andrew’s Malabrigo Epitome and my February Lady Sweater.

This Biddle was made using two strands of Malabrigo held together. I was hoping to have enough of the gray (tortuga), but realized that it wasn’t going to work. The red (vermillion) compliments the gray nicely. My only qualm with this hat is that when viewed from above, the red stripes look like a target. Oh, well. Craig loves this hat and wore it for a few days before the ends were even woven in, and I used up stash yarn and checked my pattern. Plus, I knit it in one sitting – gotta love that! Win, win, win!

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