NPR, Mo Rocca, and Sweaters

I was seriously pumped when I heard this on NPR today: Mo Rocca apologizes to knitters for calling handknit sweaters itchy.

To prove him wrong, Berocco yarn has been donated and distributed to a crew of people by Norah Gaughan to make him a sweater. This is why I love knitters!

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One Response to NPR, Mo Rocca, and Sweaters

  1. petert says:

    Not only did Mo make a full retraction and apology, he has spent the last week avidly learning how to knit and sew. Check out the Bust Magazine blog to read Debbie Stoller’s tale of teaching Mo to knit. On this Sunday’s edition of CBS Sunday Morning, Mo will display his handiwork and tell about his immersion into the world of knitting and sewing.

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