Leo: A Poem.

Today I got the most awesome thing in the mail: a poem my 10-year-old brother wrote about Leo. I wanted to share it today on my blog. I have typed it exactly as written. (Logan, I hope you don’t mind! Oh, and I stole the photo from my sister’s MySpace page.)

By:Logan Sexton

I love to talk about my nephew Leo
who my dad calls him”Leo Bambito”.
He is small, cute, and funny,
and everyone calls him “honey”.

If he likes to tackle a toy,
that means he’s all boy.
even though he lives so far,
only takes two hours in a car.

From crawling to walking,
and mumbling to talking.
You get smarter everyday,
soon you can make a model from clay.

How do you grow up so fast?
Sooner or later you’ll be in a class.
The smile on your face makes me happy,
even though you can be a little snappy.

When people say you look like me,
I smile completely with glee.
When you get ready for bed,
I rub and kiss your little head.

To my favorite nephew

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2 Responses to Leo: A Poem.

  1. Holly says:


  2. Stephanie says:

    It is his best poem yet!

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