Yarn Foward Issue #12 Preview is LIVE!

That means you can see something super exciting: my argyle vest made the cover!

Check it out here!

Edited to add: soon you will be able to order Yarn Forward digitally, which is quite nice for those of us in the US! I also wanted to say thanks to Kristin for doing intarsia just to help me out.

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5 Responses to Yarn Foward Issue #12 Preview is LIVE!

  1. capitana42 says:

    wow Tonya! That is so amazing!!! Congrats!!!!!!

  2. Harpa J says:

    Hi! Congratulations on the cover and on you fabulous vest! I’m Harpa and I made the belt in this issue.Can you tell me more about this digital ordering you are talking about? Will it be possible to order an electronic version of the magazine?I’m asking because I live in Iceland and the magazine is not sold there and the taxes and tolls are ridiculously high.

  3. Harpa J says:

    It´s OK – I figured it out – It’s right on top of the page 🙂

  4. Kristin says:

    This kicks so much ass!

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