Something that isn’t yarn.

Knitting is my number one craft, but lately I’ve been branching out. I’ve discovered that I really love baking and have been making bread and treats. Earlier this week, I rearranged some furniture to facilitate sewing. My sewing machine had a nice little nook in our back room with lots of natural sunlight, but I can’t sew with Leo hanging around and when he’s asleep at night the back room is quite dark. Now my machine is in our dining room, meaning I can easily cut out fabric on the kitchen table and walk right over to the sewing machine. (Even though last night I cut out fabric on the living room floor so I could watch NBC.)

Holly recently exposed me to Among Friends Quilt Shop, and I knew within a minute of walking through the door that I would sign up for a quilting class. When it comes to knitting, I have no fear: I’ll try anything with yarn. Sewing is more scary. I think it’s the precision that worries me. With knitting you can say “That’ll block out,” or “Wool is stretchy; it’s okay if my sweater is a little small.” Not so with sewing.

To warm up for my class and get in the groove of sewing, I have a couple of small projects planned. Maybe the results won’t be too embarrassing to post!

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2 Responses to Something that isn’t yarn.

  1. oh! one of my favorite places…

  2. Holly says:

    You know, that’s sort of true (about how you have to be more precise about sewing) but also, with quilting, you have to keep in mind that at the end of the day, it’s a blanket. It will be on your couch/bed/kid’s bed having all manner of crap done to it. Perspective!

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