Two aprons.

Today I asked Craig to photograph me in my apron so I can share my sewing with you.

As I mentioned previously, I became smitten with Among Friends and had to start sewing something. I purchased A is for Apron, which I’ve wanted since Erin posted about it.

I made two Psychedelic Squares aprons assembly-line-style and gave one to my mom for her birthday. My little brother is modeling it here (such a good sport!):

I kept the second apron for myself. (I was kinda sloppy with the waistband on this one.)

My mother’s apron was made using fabrics from Heather Bailey, and mine used Amy Butler prints.

I agree with the reviews on; I’m not an experienced sewer and even I can see ways to make this apron a little more polished the next go-round. (There WILL be more aprons!) With a knitting pattern, it’s pretty common for me to seek out errata before casting on, but I didn’t think of that with this book. I should have checked Lark’s website, because there’s quite the list of errata. I thought this pattern seemed a bit small and kept finding little issues with it – turns out it was supposed to be enlarged at 450% rather than 400%. Nonetheless, I like the book and the finished aprons! After all, they are aprons; it’s only a matter of time before they’re covered in grease and flour anyway.

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3 Responses to Two aprons.

  1. TopHat says:

    Those aprons are so neat!

  2. Did you know?According to our local radio station morning quiz, Married Women have more aprons than our Single Sisters.Just in case anyone asks….Nice work.

  3. Holly says:

    Beautiful! I love the fabrics you picked. I really want to make myself one now!

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